Just for today...I will not be angry


Today we continue our series of articles on the 5 Reiki principles, which offer simple guidance for everyday life for all of us.

Today we’ll be exploring this idea:

How often do you notice yourself getting annoyed or snappy during the day? Are there certain times you feel more easily triggered than others? What are the things that make you seethe inside with anger, and what effect is that having on your life?

Though anger is not an emotion we want to label as “bad” or “wrong”, as it actually gives you ample information and insight into what you need in order to feel safe, happy and balanced- we also know how toxic and harmful anger can be, not only to those in the wake of wrath, but to your own nervous system and emotional balance.

Whether it’s expressed or repressed, anger can be complicated to deal with and create a lot of barriers in our lives and relationships. So, Dr. Mikao Usui, reiki’s founder, created this simple mantra and principle to guide us through each day.

Just for today: I will not be angry.

This is much more simple in theory than it is in practice, of course! But the idea of it is so valuable, especially in our modern society, because it’s a tool to help bring more consciousness to our anger.

So many times, our anger is unleashed unconsciously, reactively, and that’s when it can become such a fierce weapon, driven purely by unconscious fear and self-protection.

But if we can start to notice, bring presence and breath to our experience of anger, we can help guide it into a powerful tool to drive us forward towards what we want our lives to look like, rather than something that keeps us stuck or drags us (and the unlucky people around us!) down with it.

This simple mantra can become a daily mindfulness practice of bringing more awareness to your anger, so you can get deeper into the crux of why it’s there.

You’re not angry because the guy cut you off in traffic. That experience just triggered anger that is hiding within you and is ready to strike. When something like that happens and you notice yourself reacting or your blood starting to boil, see if you can remember right then: “Just for today, I will not be angry.” And breathe.

It gives it some space. When you can find a bit of pause between the experience of anger rising in your body and your reaction to it, that’s the key that starts to create dramatic shifts in your life.

And it all starts with bringing more conscious awareness to your anger, and this reiki principle is a simple tool to help you do just that.

Try it on for size today- start to bring more conscious awareness to when you feel anger rising within you, and whenever you notice it, think or say aloud: “Just for today, I will not be angry.” And notice what happens. And try it again the next time. And again. And again.

Simple daily practices like this can create massive shifts in your life experience. But if you’re noticing a lot of anger rising within you with nowhere to go, if it feels stifled or repressed, or is actively creating barriers to your happiness in life right now- a reiki session is an amazing way to clear emotional blockages and guide you back into a state of emotional balance.

It can be helpful when taking on new challenges or making changes in your life, to start from a more balanced place within yourself, and reiki offers just that opportunity.

You can find more info and rates for reiki sessions here, and if you’re interested or have any questions for how it may be able to help you, please get in touch!