Just for Today...I will not worry


It is believed that in order for one to practice reiki and be able to transfer its healing energy, they must also take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

The founder of reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, passed along 5 guiding principles for practitioners to use, not only in their healing work with others, but in their own life experience.

These principles offer a simple and beautiful way to redirect your focus back to your own center, back to what matters, back to the present moment.

That’s why I think they’re so beneficial, not just for practitioners, but for everyone, and why I’d like to share them here with you.

We’ll be taking a deeper look into each of the 5 guiding reiki principles, one-by-one in an ongoing series, to see how we can apply their wisdom to everyday life experience. Starting with...

Just for today, I will not worry

Each of the reiki precepts begins with, “Just for today” which can immediately help you regain the perspective of the present moment and focus on the next step, the next choice you have to make.

So today, practice drawing your attention to noticing your worry, to bringing conscious awareness to it.

When you notice the worried thoughts beginning- thoughts about things in the future you can’t control, or about a past you cannot change- practice consciously pulling in the thought, “just for today, I will not worry.” Then breathe, and let it go.

When the next worried thought comes, it’s your opportunity to practice again. Without judgement. Without worry! Use it like a mantra, “just for today, I will not worry...” Breathe and come back to center, again and again.

Worry can rob us of so much of our sense of empowerment and freedom, of the ability to move forward with agency and confidence, and too much of it can create emotional walls that become harder and harder to break down. 

This simple statement can help break down those walls and begin to change your patterns of thought, to provide a fresh perspective when you most need it.

Practice it, each day, just for that day, and soon enough you will start to notice a real shift in your perception, and ability to bring your mind back to a state of consciousness, out of the spiral of worry.

Then suddenly you’ll find yourself telling your friends, loved ones and maybe even the clerk at the grocery store, “Just for today, do not worry.”  

If you find yourself in need of some emotional clearing in order to help you break through those walls of worried thoughts and limiting beliefs, a reiki session is a wonderful way to release stagnant energy and help you fully embody this principle in everyday life.

If you have questions about how reiki might be able to support you, or would like to schedule a session, please get in touch!