The Therapeutic Energy of Color


Color is an essential element and tool of Art Therapy. When you’re free to express yourself beyond the confines of words, your emotions and subconscious have the opportunity to shine through, from how you stroke a paintbrush to the colors you choose in your art.  

And the colors you choose can be indicative not only of your emotional state, but also of what you’re being energetically drawn towards in order to gain more balance.

You already know how color can change your mood and energetic state- think of how the sunniest yellow flowers feel to you, as compared to a grey day at the sea. Colors affect your emotions and speak subtly to your energy body all day long.

So, it can be fun and helpful to use colors intentionallyin your creativity, or in your surroundings, to bring in more of their unique essences and qualities into your life.

Here is a short guide to the therapeutic energies each color holds, to help you figure out which colors may help you bring more balance into your life, at any given time.

Therapeutic Energy of Colors

Protection, release, grounding, stability, depth, possibility, authority, security
~Associated with the Earth Star Chakra below the feet

Strength, instinct, endurance, energy, safety, connection, belonging, grounding
~Associated with the Root Chakra at base of spine

Creativity, passion, pleasure, abundance, flow, fulfillment, receiving, vitality 
~Associated with the Sacral Chakra in lower abdomen


Confidence, radiance, courage, joy, optimism, motivation, action, power
~Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra in upper abdomen

Healing, nurturing, growth, compassion, balance, transformation, integration
~Associated with the Heart Chakra at center of chest

Love, innocence, beauty, acceptance, generosity, appreciation, harmony
~Associated with the Heart and High Heart chakras

Communication, expression, truth, freedom, authenticity, perception, vision
~Associated with the Throat (light blue) and Third Eye (dark blue) Chakras

Wisdom, awareness, consciousness, faith, hope, trust, inspiration, insight
~Associated with the Crown Chakra at top of head

Purity, cleansing, clarity, openness, enlightenment, liberation, oneness, bliss
~Associated with the Crown Chakra at top of head

Which color energies are calling you? Which are you repelled by? What do you think that says about the emotions you’re carrying, or are ready to call in?

We can dig into these ideas together in the safe and fun process of art-making, and see what they reveal.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a creative arts therapy session can help you move through hard emotions with more clarity and ease, I’m here for you!